Luxury Vegan Friendly Italian Dinner Party Hamper


This hamper contains everything you need to create an authentic Vegan-friendly Italian dinner. Start by nibbling on rich, buttery Nocellara olives from Sicily and tasty traditional taralli from Puglia. Up next is the antipasti course - delicious sun-dried tomatoes and roasted artichokes from Salento with the traditional Italian bruschetta appetiser (we supply the topping - all you need is some toasted crusty bread to spread it on). Main course is pasta from Gragnano with a tasty artisan sauce - simply boil water, cook your pasta and choose a delicious artisan sauce to sir in. The perfect solution for a last minute vegan dinner guest (everything can be kept in the cupboard until you need it), or it makes a really great gift for a vegan who loves Italian dining.


Zio Pasquale's Taralli Classici - these are the best version of this traditional Puglian snack that we have tasted. We’re in love with the crispy fennel infused mini-bagels that crumble in the mouth with an intense flavour experience. Perfect with a chilled glass of fizz!

Nocellara olives from the 'Valle de Belice' area in Sicily - Nocellara are one of the most prized olive varieties, and are protected by a DOP certification. The rich buttery flavour makes them a perfect pre-dinner nibble. These are supplied by Terra Mia, a farming cooperative with a special story. In 2014 three Sicilian entrepreneurs invested in a factory confiscated from the Mafia, to create a business dedicated to transforming olives into gourmet food products. Their aim is sustainable business, with respect for the environment and the consumer, and artisanal methods that guarantee maximum authenticity and consistency.

Salentini Sun Dried Tomatoes - These Salento-style dried tomatoes are made by cutting local tomatoes into layers, and drying them with sea salt. They are then soaked in water, seasoned with garlic, capers and oregano and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. The salty seasoning in the recipe gives the tomatoes a particular 'umami' flavour, making them extremely tasty. They are an excellent addition to an antipasti platter.

Roasted Artichokes - Known as the king of vegetables, His Majesty The Artichoke, with his striking appearance, dominates the Salento countryside. When harvested the artichokes are defoliated by hand to get to the tender heart. These hearts are freshly grilled and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. This majestic vegetables is delicious as an appetizer or side dish - simply drain and arrange on a plate.

Tomato & Caper Bruschetta Topping This is an appetizing Mediterranean topping made with of dried tomatoes and capers, flavoured with oregano. It creates delicious Italian 'bruschetta' when spread on toasted ciabatta or sourdough bread. It is made in Salento from local produce, by an artisan producer using a traditional recipe.

Iozzino's Fusilli Casarecce - these pasta noodles have curled edges that look a little bit like rolled-up scrolls. It was traditionally made by rolling small rectangles of dough around a thin wooden pin or metal rod. The twisted shape makes it perfect for holding sauces such as a simple pesto, or a chunky sauce with tomatoes, cheese and vegetables. Iozzino have been making pasta in Gragnano since 1797 using 100% Italian wheat and the water of their local spring. The bronze die and the slow drying give the pasta a rough texture that is a perfect vehicle for your sauce.

Rocket & Lemon Pesto This is a strong flavoured pesto made with Salento rocket, bitter and savoury, combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice. The toasted pumpkin seeds perfectly round out the taste on the palate.  It's a perfect sauce for pasta, or as a salsa to accompany fish fillets or a grilled chicken breast. Perche Ci Credo's sauces are produced to traditional recipes with locally sourced ingredients in Salento, in the heel of Italy. The business was created by founder Enrico who is passionate about traditional mediterranean cooking. He uses no artificial ingredients or additives in his simple but delicious sauces. This one contains only rocket salad, extra virgin olive oil, roasted pumpkin seeds, white wine vinegar, lemon juice and peel and a sprinkle of salt. The taste is a testament to the simple, yet high quality ingredients.

Perche Ci Credo's 'Madre' or 'Mother' sauce - This sauce is sweet and full bodied, and made with only fresh tomatoes, a pinch of salt and a little basil. 

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