Easy Italian Meal Kit


Need an easy yet elegant work night dinner solution? You forgot it was date night and need to impress? Last minute dinner guests? A Saporista Italian meal kit is the answer. Our combination of authentic bronze dried pasta from Gragnano, and delicious artisan made sauces from Salento creates an impressive Italian meal in minutes. Just boil a pan of salty water, cook your pasta, choose your sauce, stir it in, sprinkle it with our artisanal 24 month aged parmesan and serve. If you fancy, you can season it with fresh herbs, or stir in some olives, or even add in some cooked meat, fish or vegetables, but there's really no need to complicate it. The quality ingredients will showcase themselves. The bronze die and slow drying method in the traditional pasta making process creates a rough texture that is perfect for holding sauce. The sauces themselves are inspired by simple traditional recipes that let the flavours of the fresh local produce sing through. This kit will provide a meal with a difference, and only takes minutes to prepare.

Make your pasta, sauce and packaging choices in the drop down selection boxes. If you want to send a meal as a gift, choose the gift box option and then write a message to your recipient in the personalised message section as you go through the check out process.


PASTA - Choose from:

  • Spaghetti alle Chitarra - named after guitar strings, with a square cross section
  • Vesuvio - conical twists reminiscent of the famous volcano
  • Fusilli Casarecce - meaning 'homemade', these short noodles were traditionally made by rolling small rectangles of dough around a thin wooden pin)

SALSA MADRE a traditional sweet and full-bodied tomato sauce made to mother's recipe with only fresh tomatoes, a pinch of salt and a little basil

ANOTHER SAUCE - Choose from:

  • Salsa Cacio e Pepe - a rich Roman inspired tomato based sauce with an intense flavour of cacio cheese and black pepper
  • Salsa Amatriciana - an Italian classic where the savoury taste of pancetta meets tomato pulp in a light onion made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Pesto di rucola e limone - a strong flavoured pesto made with Salento, bitter and savoury, combined with freshly squeezed lemon juice and toasted pumpkin seeds to perfectly round out the taste on the palate
  • Salsa zucchini e ricotta - a delicate blend of courgettes and mint with creamy ricotta, rounded off with pistachios and black pepper

PARMESAN CHEESE 300g piece of 24 month aged parmigiano reggiano, the King of Cheese, from Sapori di Parma, a family business who continue the artisanal traditionals and values of cheese-making, and send it in a recyclable box with sustainable padding.

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