Meet The Saporistas

Liz’s love affair with Europe began when she lived in Munich with her family, attending international school there. Her love for all things European deepened when she was lucky enough to spend a year in Venice as part of her European history degree. In between studying history, Liz enjoyed the opportunity to ‘study’ Italy via its food and wine.

Now married to a man of Italian heritage, Liz enjoys any and every opportunity to travel back to Italy, returning with suitcases and bags filled with delicious goodies. After a fabulous holiday with her husband Sam in Tuscany in August 2019, Liz decided to try and search on the internet to see if she could buy some of the tasty, Italian artisanal delights she had discovered in the winding streets of the hilltop Tuscan towns. It was a disappointing online experience, and thus the idea of Saporista was born. Liz is the Managing Director and is one of the co-founders of Saporista. 

Lucy was told by her mother that she took a very long time to speak, but once she began speaking she never stopped.  After living in France and Italy she finally settled in Barcelona, and in order to ensure that the locals didn’t miss out, she learnt French, Spanish and Italian along the way.

She has spent the past fourteen years working as a tour guide, walking clients at great speed around Europe, assuring them of wonderful monuments that they will be seeing, just around the next corner.  She also set up her own travel business for bespoke European tours.

Lucy loves marking out her days with coffee pit-stops around Barcelona and evenings spent in plazas and chiringuitos (beach bars) watching the world go by. Her love of language extends to writing - both her blog and books - from her balcony overlooking a beautiful square in Barcelona.

Lucy is in charge of the European and Creative side of our business and is one of the co-founders of Saporista.


Aleksandra, being the least Polish-looking person in Poland, was asked by the president to leave the country. She found her new home in Spain where, thanks to her passion for food, nightlife and outgoing nature she was warmly welcomed.  

She is known to her friends in Poland as Ola, an abbreviation of Aleksandra there. But since coming to live in Spain 6 years ago, she quickly realised that Ola in the land of Hola was not going to work and has since been known as Aleks.

Photography, food and yoga are her three greatest joys in life.

Aleks is in charge of Saporista’s photography and social media. When not behind the lens or discovering new restaurants and flavours, she spends every moment with her sidekick Frida (her Parson Russell terrier), riding around Barcelona on her big, red, Dutch bike or can otherwise be found on a yoga mat, imitating Frida.

Aleks is our Spain expert and speaks Spanish, English and Polish.


Cristina was lucky enough to have been born in the middle of Prosecco country, meaning that the bottle she was most familiar with when growing up was the green one with the sparkling bubbles inside. Whilst she loves living beneath a castle at the foot of the mountains, she has also been lucky enough to have spent the past 25 years working as a tour guide, taking clients on trips and eating and drinking her way through much of Europe.

Cristina has spent many years living overseas, in both the UK and Spain, and spends a lot of time in Paris as her ‘Blue Prince’ lives there (in the Latin languages, Prince Charming is referred to as the Blue Prince). Cristina speaks Spanish, English and Italian and is our Italy expert.

Clelia’s name throws up the question as to where she comes from. And in fact she comes from everywhere. Born to a Sicilian mother and British father, she grew up in France and is consequently bilingual in French and English. Having lived in Brazil and now splitting her time between Barcelona and France, Clelia speaks Spanish and Portuguese alongside English and French.

Clelia is not only a multi-lingual talented tour guide, she is also a talented documentary film-maker. These films range from ones about the environmental and social impact of the destruction of the rainforest in Brazil, to others about organic food production. Clelia is in charge of Saporista’s video content and is also our expert on all things French.

With both nonne (grannies) hailing from Northern Italy and various parenti (relatives) scattered throughout Italy, the most English thing about Sam is his surname, as in everything else he feels very much Italian. And nowhere is this more in evidence than in the kitchen. Sam is an example of nature and nurture as he cooks from both the traditional family recipes whilst also developing his cookery skills by studying other Italian regions, to add to his repertoire. Sam is in charge of compliance and operations and is one of the co-founders of Saporista.

Sam holds a WSET Level 2 Award in Wine & Spirits and is working towards his Level 3. His studies have changed a bit since school however, as his homework now consists of wine tasting. Cin Cin!

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