Salud! Luxury Spanish Drinks & Nibbles Hamper


Enjoy drinks and nibbles Spanish style with this selection of premium Spanish cava from the sustainable Clos Mont Blanc family winery in the Conca de Barbera region, combined with delicious traditional snacks from artisan producers in Catalonia. A gift full of Spanish flavour that would be perfect for a Mediterranean sun-lover, or someone who needs to be reminded of the tastes of a summer holiday!


Clos Mont Blanc Cava - Made from blending the best Macabeu and Parellada grapes, this premium quality Spanish Cava is aged to perfection. Clos Montblanc's winemaker, Josep Vadri has this to say about his craft, "If any philosophy exists in the world of wine, it's acting when the moment is right. Not too early, not too late: all in its own time". In this case, that time is between 12 and 18 months in bottle, resulting in a fresh and intense finish with yeasty and nutty hints. This is a classic Cava, yellow with green highlights and fine bubbles in the glass, milky notes with delicate, white fruit finish (apple, pear) in the mouth, leaving a full and lingering pleasant aftertaste. The Clos Montblanc family winery, with over five generations of vine-growing experience, is nestled in an area of outstanding natural beauty and heritage, Conca de Barbera, to the south of Barcelona. Clos Montblanc use carefully selected grapes, grown on their 50 hectare sustainably famed vineyard. 100% of the water they use in their growing and processing is rainwater. This is a quintessential Cava for any occasion.

'Pimiento Cherry Relleno de Queso' (cherry peppers stuffed with cheese) - These delicious little snacks are popular nibbles in Spain, where peppers thrive in the year round sunshine of its southern regions. Conservas Alamanaque is a small, family run factory, using traditional artisanal methods to produce canned organic fruit and vegetables from the Ebro riverbank.

Crema de Pimiento del Piquillo (piquillo pepper cream) - Create a delicious appetiser by spreading this delicious soft piquillo pepper cream on toasted crusty bread or crackers, use as a dip with breadsticks or fresh vegetable crudités, or as a topping for canapés. Made from the best piquillo peppers, artisan production methods ensure that all the flavour of the peppers is perfectly preserved, giving it a lively, peppery character.

Crema de Alcachofa (artichoke cream) - Great for dipping or spreading, this deliciously flavoured creamy sauce is a firm Saporista favourite. In Spain the artichoke is prized for both its taste and its health benefits, and the artichoke heart, which is used to make this sauce, carries its sweetest flavour, so you get all the joy of this amazing vegetable without any of the hassle involved in preparing this armoured delicacy!

Olives stuffed with anchovies - These Spanish green olives are a saltier variety, stuffed with anchovies. Great with a glass of sherry, or a vermouth garnished with a slice of orange or mixed with 'sifon' (soda water). They are produced by Conservas Almanaque, a small, family run business using traditional artisanal methods to preserve organic fruit and vegetables from the Ebro riverbank.

Pistachios - the tasty nuts are a popular Spanish snack, and these ones are hand selected by Botularium, who are dedicated to offering gourmet products made in a traditional way. Pistachio trees thrive in the drylands of Spain, and in recent years pistachio tree planting has expanded in Spain by as much as 30%. Nibble on these delicious nuts alongside a glass of sherry or vermouth, and imagine yourself basking in the sun outside a Spanish bar...fabuloso!

Almendra Choco-Lux (Chocolate Covered Almonds) - These luxurious chocolate covered almonds are from the ancient Spanish drylands of Maials in Lleida. This dryland area has the perfect climate for growing almond trees. The locally harvested almonds are caramelised using an artisanal method and then covered in dark chocolate. These gluten-free Choco-Lux almonds are a perfect, luxury sweet snack for a social gathering. But if you don't want to share them, then we recommend them as an indulgent treat with a cup of coffee.

Almendra Caramelizada (Caramelised Almonds) - These locally havested almonds from are soft toasted, and  then caramelised with a thin layer of transparent sugar that does not detract from the authentic taste and flavour of the nut. They are definitely the best caramelised almonds that the Saporista team have tasted, and many of our customers agree!


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