Felicitazioni! Italian Celebration Dinner Party Hamper


This hamper contains everything need to create an authentic Italian dinner with a celebratory feel. Start with drinks and nibbles by popping open the bottle of Prosecco, and nibbling on tasty, authentic taralli from Puglia. Up next is the antipasti course - delicious dried tomatoes, roasted artichokes and olives from Salento and traditional Italian bruschetta (we supply the topping - all you need is some toasted crusty bread to spread it on). Main course is pasta from Gragnano with a tasty artisan sauce - simply boil the pasta and choose a delicious sauce to stir in. The wonderful meal you've created can be rounded off with handmade chocolate truffles from Piedmont. A perfect gift for someone who loves Italian dining! 


Prosecco DOCG - A superior Italian dry, sparkling wine from a respected family run vineyard in the Valdobbiadene region- the traditional heart of Prosecco production.

Zio Pasquale's Taralli Classici - these are the best version of this traditional Puglian snack that we have tasted. We’re in love with the crispy fennel infused mini-bagels that crumble in the mouth with an intense flavour experience.

Roasted artichokes - Known as the king of vegetables, His Majesty The Artichoke, with his striking appearance, dominates the Salento countryside. When harvested, the artichokes are defoliated by hand to get to the tender heart. These hearts are freshly grilled and preserved in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This majestic vegetables is delicious as an appetizer or side dish - simply drain and arrange on a plate. 

Salentini Dried Tomatoes -These Salento-style dried tomatoes are made by cutting local tomatoes into layers, and drying them with sea salt. They are then soaked in water, seasoned with garlic, capers and oregano and preserved in extra virgin olive oil. The salty seasoning in the recipe gives the tomatoes a particular 'umami' flavour, making them extremely tasty addition to an antipasti platter.

Leccino olives - These are hand-picked in Puglia and left to ferment, to eliminate the bitter taste of oleuropein (an alkaloid found in olives). They are then seasoned with salt, flavoured with oregano, pitted and preserved in extra virgin olive oil.

Sundried Tomato & Caper 'bruschetta' topping - This appetizing Mediterranean dressing of dried tomatoes and capers, flavoured with oregano, creates delicious Italian 'bruschetta' when spread on toasted ciabatta or sourdough bread.  It is made by artisan producer Perche Ci Credo's to a traditional recipe, with locally sourced ingredients, in Salento, in the heel of Italy.

Iozzino's Fusilli Casarecce Pasta - these short noodles with curled edges look a little bit like rolled-up scrolls and were traditionally made by rolling snall rectangles of dough around a thin wooden pin or metal rod. The twisted shape makes it perfect for holding sauces such as a simple pesto, or a chunky sauce with tomatoes, cheese and vegetables. If you're looking for authentic Italian pasta, you're in the right place. Iozzino have been producing pasta in Gragnano since 1797, using 100% Italian wheat and the water of their local spring. A bronze die and the slow drying process give the pasta a rough texture that is a perfect vehicle for your sauce.

'Cacio e Pepe' Pasta Sauce - This 'cacio e pepe' sauce is a full-bodied tomato based sauce with an intense flavour of cacio cheese and black pepper. It's inspired by a simple and tasty Roman recipe that combines a lightly fried onion, fresh tomato pulp, extra virgin olive oil and a shower of cacio cheese and black pepper. A pinch of parsley is added at the end of the cooking process. All you need to do is open the bottle and pour it over your pasta!

Amatriciana Pasta Sauce - an Italian classic, which has its origins in Roman trattorias. The savoury taste of pancetta meets tomato pulp in a light onion saute made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A drop of red wine is added for natural preservation.

Tartufi Neri - dark chocolate truffles - Cogno's handmade 'Tartufi Neri' are the result of the intense flavour of dark chocolate meeting the intriguing taste of IGP hazelnuts from Piedmont. The finest cocoa powder is the background for this rich flavour combination. These delicious truffles make an elegant gift, or are perfect for creating an indulgent, relaxing moment of taste for yourself. Giovanni Cogno opened his traditional pasty shop in La Morra in the Italian province of Cuneo, in the heart of Piedmont, an area known for the best hazelnuts in the world. Cogno products are handmade from top quality ingredients, with no added colours or preservatives. Approaching Cogno's pastry lab, our Saporista Cristina was seduced by the smell of toasting hazelnuts, and then fell in love with the sweet masterpieces he produces, stuffed full of high quality IGP hazelnuts. Cogno's truffles are an ideal after dinner treat, and will bring your occasion to a close in sweet style.

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