• A breath of fresh, sea air in a glass!

    A breath of fresh, sea air in a glass!

    Imagine yourself perched on a rocky outcrop, a fresh breeze blowing around you, tasting the salty air, gazing out on to the endless Atlantic ocean, with a rough, green botanical carpet under your feet. The view is breath-taking, and you can feel the beauty and tranquillity of the ancient headland seeping into your pores. You’ve found yourself on the Pentire peninsula in North Cornwall.

    Back from your bracing walk, you’re ready for a refreshing drink as you reflect on the day’s adventure. You might reach for a beer, or a gin & tonic, but what’s the alternative if you still need to drive, you’re on a health kick, you’re taking a break from booze or you avoid alcohol altogether? Why not try a ‘Pentire & Tonic’?

    Pentire is a botanical non alcoholic spirit that harnesses the power, beauty and immense flavour of unique plants native to the North Cornwall coastline. The main ingredients are rock samphire, sage, a unique blend of plants from the Pentire headland, citrus and Cornish sea salt. It’s a sophisticated savoury drink, with a fragrant herbaceous flavour, and salty notes that balance perfectly with tonic water. It’s a real breath of fresh air compared to some of the sickly sweet and calorie-laden alcohol free options that are out there, and a world away from the designated drivers’ usual choice of a coke or orange juice!

    Founder Alistair Frost wanted to create a drink that evoked his adventurous outdoor lifestyle, and was inspired by a local botanist on a National Trust farm up on the Pentire headland. The area has a unique climate for plant growth, and some of the best growing conditions in the country, especially for sea herbs. Over a thousand plants grow in the area. He worked with local distillers to develop the product, find a sustainable supply of ingredients and create a manufacturing process that captured the soul of his beloved coast. The result is a drink that embraces the flavours and feelings experienced when you are standing out on a headland looking out to sea – green, citrussy and naturally salty notes.

    Alistair is particularly proud that Gordon Ramsay is a big fan of Pentire. Ramsay describes it as ‘the most delicious non-alcoholic drink’.

    To make the perfect 'P&T', mix 50ml of Pentire with 150ml of tonic water over ice, and either add a slice of lemon, or to bring out the herbal flavours garnish with sage, a bay leaf or a sprig of rosemary.

    Why not give it a try with some of Saporista’s tasty Italian nibbles? Or treat a loved one with one of our Free Spirit selections that contain everything you need for an alcohol-free aperitif occasion?

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